The shock built for extremes.
Made for maximum adventure.


The KONI RAID shocks have been the damper of choice when adventuring off road.

From the deserts of Africa, to the South American jungle; the Australian outback or the icy North Pole, the KONI RAID is proven in all environments.

Oversized, over-engineered and made to ensure performance, strength and safety are paramount, it is easy to choose the KONI RAID.



KONI Special technology, transferred into heavy duty shocks for 4x4s and pick-ups


Extreme durability and performance


Proven in the world’s toughest conditions


Designed to remain comfortable during on road driving conditions


Rebound adjustable to tune according to your vehicle set up

Design Construction

KONI Shock Absorbers come in two constructions:

  • Monotube design or
  • Twin-tube design.

Our engineers choose the best design construction to suit your vehicle.

Adjustment Style

KONI adjustable shock absorbers have these main adjustment styles: 

  • Button Adjustment,
  • Internal Adjustment, 
  • External Adjustment, or
  • ACTIVE Technology

Dedicated engineering

Our Research & Development department is totally committed to offering the best shock absorber solutions for your vehicle.

We test drive and develop prototype shock absorbers for the vehicle in development, before test driving, fine tuning, and sending to our production engineers for final approval.

Suspension solution specialists

With our state of the art manufacturing facility, KONI is fully equipped to develop products that offer the best suspension solution for your vehicle.

Our staff have a wealth of experience and engineering skills to ensure the KONI suspension feel and experience is in every one of our products.